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Holidays don’t matter

Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years Eve, Valentines Day…it doesn’t matter on the road. I’ve been working on holidays since I’ve been 16. I take my “holidays” when everyone else is back from theirs. Turns out to be cheaper and less crowded. Now who is the dumb blond? I moved out to CA when I was 19 […]

My Pop

My father passed last Oct. The closer it gets to that date it makes me sad. I try and take peoples advice. “Remember the good things about your father” “Remember the memories” “He’s always with you”. I have to be honest. It doesn’t matter….it still hurts & I miss him terribly.  Usually the time when […]


I went to the Leica Camera Store this evening for Julian Lennon’s Opening of his Photography. AMAZING work. If you get a chance go check it out, you will not be disappointed. Bono stopped in for support and I have to say I was the lucky one that grabbed a “selfie” with him. Opportunity struck […]


Welcome to my “blog” or how I like to say “crap that is on my mind” journal. I get a lot of questions and every week I will take one and answer. Also when I’m on the road I will write about the people that I meet, places to stay and the food! Cuz its […]