Painted Guardians

This is my journey, I want to discover as much as possible. To be fearless is frightening, but the older I get, the more I realize, an artists true challenge, their true goal is to create from a place of honesty. For me, if I don’t have that, I’d be fooling myself.

I don’t have a bucket list but I’d have one if it were bottomless. I’d like to think I’ve just scratched the surface and what lies ahead will challenge me greater and each day will bring a WOW! into my world and the exclamation marks at the end of that WOW! will keep increasing!!!!

In the last year, I recently collaborated with the talented Justin Davanzo in a series of portraits titled “Angel and Soldier”. In the last month Justin created a project with the inspiring artist, Gus Harper and I was asked if I would like to be involved in their next creative journey.

This particular project was a revelation in itself and the nudity, isn’t what I’m referring to. I came to see and finally realize, that women can be beautiful, strong and creatively expressive all at the same moment. We can be anything we want to be.

Thank you for taking a look at my journey. To expand as an artist is to be alive. I thank the ones that have stood up and said “You can do it, Lang” and I bow to the ones that say “You can’t.” It makes me want to be fearless even more. For me there is no alternative.

Please take a look at the wonderful work of Justin Davanzo and Gus Harper at and

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