“You are a star!”

“You are a gem! Brilliant, sparkling funny stone.”

“You are fantastic, just fantastic!”

“Lang Parker is one of the freshest young comedians working today!”

“You can play my clubs anytime!”

“Lang Parker is an intensely likeable performer with a unique comedic voice. Put me down as a fan.”

“Lang is funny and engaging…if she wasn’t a lesbian I Would…What? She’s not?”

“I was afraid if I didn’t laugh she would bench press me, wheelchair and all.”

“…if she comes to a comedy club near you, I would recommend going to see her.”

“If you ever wondered what would happen if Peppermint Patty grew up and became a standup… Lang Parker is your girl. Drawing material from growing up with three older brothers in rural Wisconsin, Lang will go as far as standing on her head to please an audience.”

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