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Lang Parker went to LA to dance…and ended up acting & doing “Stand-Up”.

How does THAT happen?

After being told by an acting instructor that she had great “stage presence” she was given an opportunity to do a few minutes at a small show. Even though she felt she bombed, an audience member told her she had what it takes. That audience member turned out to be Milton Berle’s brother!

I remember Lang for being the tall, attractive, short-haired girl, one class ahead of me at my high school in Muskego, Wisconsin that acted in all of the school plays AND was brave enough to dance a solo routine at the annual Tri-M “POPS CONCERT” talent show…in her shiny, purple, skin-tight leotard! Hot Stuff! (Who has that video?)

In spite of having “only 5 minutes of material” her comedy talent landed her a spot on the TV show “Last Comic Standing” in 2003 where Buddy Hacket (yes…THAT Buddy Hacket) said of Lang,

“You are a star!”

The 2008 winner of the California Funniest Female Contest, Lang, who is not only a comedian but also a fitness instructor, recently performed for U.S. troops in the “Armed with Laughter: Soul-dier Boot Camp Comedy Tour” at Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan. Armed with Laughter was organized by Armed Forces Entertainment, which brought together four comedians who also taught different fitness courses.

“They fitted me for this vest and gave me 4 ceramic plates to put in the pockets.” Lang said. “These ceramic plates were supposed to stop bullets! The looked like they would break if I dropped one. Did I mention, each one cost $600! I’ve never worn anything that expensive before.”


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