Holidays don’t matter


Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years Eve, Valentines Day…it doesn’t matter on the road. I’ve been working on holidays since I’ve been 16. I take my “holidays” when everyone else is back from theirs. Turns out to be cheaper and less crowded. Now who is the dumb blond?

I moved out to CA when I was 19 and in order to survive I worked holidays. It was my nut for winter. Plus I could never afford to fly back to WI for the holidays so I started working. In my humble opinion, it’s all what you make it. I’ve seen people flip out that they have to work on the holidays because it’s their “family” time. To me it’s just another day and when you don’t put that much energy in the date then it doesn’t matter if things don’t work out. Call it a way of “survival” or “just another day”. It’s all perspective. I remember an ex boyfriend that got mad at me because I worked on Christmas. Not to be mean because thats not my point I said “Are you paying my bills?” He quickly became quiet. When you work one day and it’s the pay of 3 weeks worth…you bet I’m working to make my life easier.

Today is Bennie’s 12th birthday and were on the road. To be honest my birthday and his are the only “holiday” I celebrate. It’s the day we were born and I think that’s worth a celebration. Cheers. #NoRegrets #Birthday #LifesToShortForBS