Holidays don’t matter


Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years Eve, Valentines Day…it doesn’t matter on the road. I’ve been working on holidays since I’ve been 16. I take my “holidays” when everyone else is back from theirs. Turns out to be cheaper and less crowded. Now who is the dumb blond?

I moved out to CA when I was 19 and in order to survive I worked holidays. It was my nut for winter. Plus I could never afford to fly back to WI for the holidays so I started working. In my humble opinion, it’s all what you make it. I’ve seen people flip out that they have to work on the holidays because it’s their “family” time. To me it’s just another day and when you don’t put that much energy in the date then it doesn’t matter if things don’t work out. Call it a way of “survival” or “just another day”. It’s all perspective. I remember an ex boyfriend that got mad at me because I worked on Christmas. Not to be mean because thats not my point I said “Are you paying my bills?” He quickly became quiet. When you work one day and it’s the pay of 3 weeks worth…you bet I’m working to make my life easier.

Today is Bennie’s 12th birthday and were on the road. To be honest my birthday and his are the only “holiday” I celebrate. It’s the day we were born and I think that’s worth a celebration. Cheers. #NoRegrets #Birthday #LifesToShortForBS

My Pop

My father passed last Oct. The closer it gets to that date it makes me sad. I try and take peoples advice. “Remember the good things about your father” “Remember the memories” “He’s always with you”. I have to be honest. It doesn’t matter….it still hurts & I miss him terribly.  Usually the time when I’m in my truck driving long distances he seems to pop in my head. The first day of my road trip I was thinking of him a lot. I had 685 miles to “think” and he defiantly came to my mind. I took his flannel with me and wore it. I use it to protect me of the sun and from getting the very familiar “farmers tan” when driving. It has a faint smell of him. The longer I have it the more it fades. Funny how that is…because his memories won’t ever fade.

I usually called him when I’m on set or driving long distances to a gig. I remembered the phone conversations we’ve had. He would say things like “So…are you getting paid on any of these gigs?” “I don’t know how you do it.” “You sure like being by yourself.”

Funny you say that dad. I don’t really know but I can’t see myself do anything else. I’ve always went out of my way to make people laugh or get out of their head for a moment. Kinda of like a Court Jester. And as for the ..” like being by yourself”. It kinda goes with the territory. I’m all that I got.

See you on the flip side dad. img_5510



I went to the Leica Camera Store this evening for Julian Lennon’s Opening of his Photography. AMAZING work. If you get a chance go check it out, you will not be disappointed. Bono stopped in for support and I have to say I was the lucky one that grabbed a “selfie” with him. Opportunity struck and I grabbed it. Isn’t that what life is about? Otherwise I don’t see the point of “life”.
“There’s a Circle in our lives, that keeps us going round, and with every revolution, there is something to be found. It’s the essence of the moment, it’s the understanding why, it’s the road to resolution, it’s the journey in the sky…” Julian Lennon
Thank you.


Welcome to my “blog” or how I like to say “crap that is on my mind” journal. I get a lot of questions and every week I will take one and answer. Also when I’m on the road I will write about the people that I meet, places to stay and the food! Cuz its all about the food, right?


I like to think of myself as a straight forward person. So if you like “no holding punches” then this might be for you. I find a lot of people say they like honesty….but in reality they don’t. I’m still the few and far between that is honest.  


I’m not here to get the masses to agree with my train of thought. Everyone has an opinion like everyone has an a-hole. (yes I swear) I write how I talk so my grammar will not be up to par. So if that drives you nuts….just keep scrolling past my page because I’m about to drive you nuts.