Welcome to my “blog” or how I like to say “crap that is on my mind” journal. I get a lot of questions and every week I will take one and answer. Also when I’m on the road I will write about the people that I meet, places to stay and the food! Cuz its all about the food, right?


I like to think of myself as a straight forward person. So if you like “no holding punches” then this might be for you. I find a lot of people say they like honesty….but in reality they don’t. I’m still the few and far between that is honest.  


I’m not here to get the masses to agree with my train of thought. Everyone has an opinion like everyone has an a-hole. (yes I swear) I write how I talk so my grammar will not be up to par. So if that drives you nuts….just keep scrolling past my page because I’m about to drive you nuts. 


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