lang-post-1Well, it’s getting to be that time…slowly packing for my trip to Afghanistan to entertain the troops. Feeling all different feelings. Excited, because I love to travel, anxious, making sure everything is done before I leave (bills paid, apt cleaned-can’t stand coming home to a dirty apt), making sure Bennie (my fury 4 legged son) is well taken care of, and tickled pink (because I’m doing what I love to do- “livin the dream” as they say). I’m also in need of this trip for my soul. Lately EVERYONE irritates me… “He didn’t use his blinker”, “OHH of course she’s going 10 under she’s driving a Prius!”, “Can’t believe it’s ‘how’ much money!” I need to get a dose of reality and perspective. I remember a friend used to work in the Forensic Dept and he would let me see pictures of what other human beings do to another. I needed that for my own growth and a reminder that we’re not here long on earth. So get busy making your statement in this lifetime. Plus, for the past few years I have a new motto in life: “Experience as much as I can in this life time because I’m not coming back!” I don’t know if it comes with age, but all of a sudden you realize “Holy Shit, Time is ticking!” You remove certain toxic people from your life and it gets a little clearer to get a MOVE ON and live your life. Hey! Take from the blog what you want and leave the rest. 😉  So I’m packing and Bennie is not making it easy. He gives me that “look” and it just kills me. And why is it that every time I  leave out of state/country he acts extra cute? He knows how to work it. Ok, I gotta wrap this up….so what is the message I want to say? Pack light! Life is too short to pack a heavy load….cuz remember you can’t take it all with you when you leave this earth so don’t carry it when you are here!